Vessels: An Interpretive Celebration of Op Sail 2000

July 8 – August 12

What is a vessel? In the case of New York and New London harbors this July, a vessel is a tall ship. To mark their arrival on the East Coast, the Alva Gallery is pleased to present Vessels: An Interpretive Celebration of Op Sail 2000 from July 11 through August 12. There will be an opening reception on Saturday, July 8 from 5 to 7pm.

What is a vessel? One immediately grasps the idea of a boat as a vessel or a container as a vessel and, for those who have ever perused a plimbing catalog, the reference is recognizable as belonging to a sink. “Vessels” attempts to stretch the concept of what a vessel might be beyond the obvious. While the exhibition will contain representations of all of the above, it will carry their presentation into new territory, as well proposing an array of newly conceived “vessels”, such as submarines and space suits and blank books, for thoughts need vessels too!

There are eighteen artists from all over New England represented in this mixed-media cacophony which inlcudes, paintings and photographs, as well as works in metal, ceramic, pottery paper and glass.

Audrey Allen   |   Hayne Bayless   |   Jenni Bick   |   Linda Connor   |   Judy Cotton   |   Jack Fulton   |   William Golaboski
Alva Greenberg   |   Peter Harron   |   Susannah Hays   |   Susanne Howes-Stevens   |   Leo Jensen   |   Pat Jensen
Washington Ledesma   |   Jeffrey P’an   |   Steven Price   |   Dalia Ramanauskas   |   Anne Seelbach   |   Pat Smith
Ed Vianney   |   Barney Zeitz