Three Frenchmen and a Spaniard

August 19 – September 23

Summer is a time for color and whimsy. It is a time for outdoor entertainment, carnivals, circuses and fireworks. It is a time for sightseeing and photography. It is a time for lying out at night, looking at the stars and naming all the constellations you can find. Summertime is what Three Frenchmen and A Spaniard is all about.

Three Frenchmen and A Spaniard will be open with a reception on Saturday, August 19 from 5 to 7pm and will run until September 30.

This exhibition offers a rare opportunity to purchase individual lithographs from Fernard Leger’s “Cirque”, published in 1950 and Joan Miro’s “Constellations”, published by Pierre Matisse in 1959. Colors and forms swirl in Miro’s imagined skies, while cheers from the crowd can almost be heard through the images of Leger’s performers.

While there was a time when Roland Roure was a maker of fireworks, all the explosions from this Frenchman are now confined to metal. His joyful figures, painted in clear primary colors, all share the ability to move and throw off amazing shadows.

The talents of Andre Villers are wide ranging, but all relate to the camera. Whether dealing in ‘straight’ photography, as in his intimate portraits of Picasso, or borrowing ‘famous’ painted images and collaging them onto his own photographed backgrounds or presenting his alter ego, a cartoon type cut out figure in any number of contortions, Villers’ images are wry and captivating.

Fernand Leger   |   Joan Miro   |   Henri Matisse   |   Roland Roure   |   Andre Villers