The Torso of Time: Recent Drawings by Helmut Osterloher

March 27 – April 30

Time causes change. It can heal wounds and it can fortify bonds. For most things physical, however, it causes decay. Though Osterloher’s drawings consist of beautifully executed tree structures and hay bales, his concern is not with showing the landscape, but, rather, with the congruity between the natural form and his perception of it. “The things behind the things…the decay, the process of erosion which makes the manifestation of time visible and tangible in the picture.”Like decay, these drawings, which range in size from 100 x 350 cm to 50 x 70 cm, are quiet and deep. They require a still body and a period of time to be fully appreciated.

Helmut Osterloher received his first formal art training as a sculptor at Tittmoning and Fort Salzburg in Bavaria. He went on to earn his Master’s degree in painting and graphics from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Osterloher is also well known as a film sculptor and worked on the fantasy film The Neverending Story. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe, primarily in Germany and Austria. Helmut Osterloher currently lives and teaches in Munich.

Torso 22, 2002, 70x370cm

Torso 26, 2003, 15x10cm

Torso 19, 2003, 15x10cm

Strohrollen 1, 2001, 100x350cm

Fragment 2, 2003, 70x100cm

Torso 21, 2002, 70x200cm

Torso 6, 2003, 15x10cm

Torso 15, 2003, 15x10cm

Fragment of A Lime Tree 2, 2003, 100x210cm

Fragment of A Lime Tree 2, 2003, 100x210cm


Torso 25, 2003, 15x10cm

Torso 36, 2003, 100x350cm

Torso 23, 2003, 15x10cm

Torso 24, 2003, 15x10cm

Strohrollen 2, 2004, 100x350cm

Fragment 4, 2003, 100x140cm