Portrait of a City: The New London Project

June 23 – August 5

Can Art be a catalyst to self-understanding and self-respect? Can Art allow us to recognize the uniqueness in each one of us, allowing us to respect each other and our individuality? Can it be the catalyst to economic growth?

On June 23, 2006, the arts community of New London will join artist Joe Standart to present Portrait of a City: The New London Project, a monumental public art event that will immerse the city’s downtown district in a vibrant photo exhibition throughout the summer of 2006. Portrait of a City comes to life when prints ranging from life-sized to 20 ft. murals are mounted in cultural institutions, work places, and galleries as collaborators and visitors alike share the exhibition in this creative arena. Celebrating the city and its people, and inviting community engagement, Portrait of a City brings together art and community development to enrich the cultural experience of New London and invigorate the city, inspiring, informing, and challenging us to see our neighbor and our environment in new ways.

Compelled to photograph New Londoners of all ages who he literally pulled in off the street, still sipping coffees and writing traffic tickets, Standart’s work contemplates the individuals’ spirit and the universality of the dignity we all share. A professional photographer for 30 years, Joe Standart is acclaimed for capturing the ever-changing subtleties of light and mood. His award-winning career includes individual and group shows across the country and his work is included in many private collections and museums.

Recently, his work has been exhibited at New York’s Beadleston Gallery, The Williams College Art Center, The Cooley Gallery, and The Duggal Art Space. His commercial work includes work for Architectural Digest, House & Garden, General Electric, Viking Range Corporation, and The Cindy Crawford Collection. Standart has published two books, The Scented Room and Passion for Detail, and he has contributed to many more.