Legacies 2001: Five Members of the Tytla Family

December 1 – December 22

The ALVA Gallery is pleased to announce that it will celebrate the holidays a show entitled Legacies 2001: Five members of the Tytla Family. The exhibition will open with a reception on Saturday, December 1, from 5 to 8pm.

This is the third year that the gallery has held a legacy show, but instead of five families as in the past, this year it is one family with five diverse members. This talented family line originated with Vladimir, Will, and Adrienne Tytla. Will worked for Walt Disney during the ’30’s and ’40’s and has long been recognized as one of the most talented pioneers of the field of animation. He animated several scenes in four of Disney’s feature length cartoons, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Fantasia and Dumbo. He specialized in the “personality animation” characters which the Disney Studio is credited with inventing. “The whole thing in animation, as in any of the arts, is the feeling and vitality you get into the work.” And Will was full of feeling. Included in the exhibition will be one original cell of the “Devil” from “The Night on Bald Mountain”, original sketches for Pluto, the “Giant” from Brave Little Tailor and Daffy Duck and several of the oil portraits that he painted for pleasure.

Adrienne Tytla, an actress and model of considerable beauty, met Will in 1936 when she came to the Disney art class as a model for one week. They were married in 1937 and quickly had two children. After her husband’s death in 1968, Adrienne, now resettled in East Lyme Connecticut, opened an antique garden furniture shop in the barn on her property and continued her life long hobby of taking photographs. In 1974 she was discovered by a fledgling newspaper in Old Lyme, the Old Lyme Gazette, and became their food columnist, fleshing out her recipies with engaging, and often humorous, stories of the adventures that she had during her years in Hollywood. Her “Joy of Eating” column continued until the paper was sold in 1982. After leaving the paper, she began lending her imagination and creativity to the field of photography in earnest. This exhibition includes color still lifes and landscapes taken over the past five years.

The older of the Tytla children is Peter who, for over twenty years, has been working as a photo-collage artist. Piece by piece he layers the elements that make up his photographs. Each piece, be it a blade of grass or the large skies which he uses as backdrops in all of his work, comes from original photographs that he has taken. He has “devoted thousands of hours, acquired thousands of photographs, and traveled thousands of miles” to find his subjects, many of which reflect his love for old automobiles, and his sense of humor. The exhibition will include some large original works, as well as smaller works in print form.

Next in line is Tamara, or Tammy as she is called. Also self-taught, she says that “The muse that sings to me is the nude”. Tammy uses both male and female forms, sometimes together and sometimes alone, and often takes a playful approach to her subjects. She experiments with many forms of black and white film and techniques. Her photographs can be shocking, but more often they are elegant and powerful and thought provoking.

The third generation in the exhibition is Fantasia. She is a junior at Western Central State University in Danbury, CT. She also works in the medium of photography.

VIEW ARTISTS:   Adrienne Tytla   |   Fantasia S. Tytla   |   Peter Tytla   |   Tammy Tytla   |   Vladimir Tytla