Dreams and Realities: Arturo Correa, Beverly Floyd, Ricardo Milla, Fethi Meghelli

February 7 – March 19

Dreams and Realities addresses the yearnings we harbor to reach a better life through the realization of our fantasies. These “dreams” may take the form of a new hairstyle, catching the brass ring on the merry-go-round, or somehow traveling to a new place, beyond the “realities” of what disturbs us in our everyday life. The exhibition features work from an international roster of artists- Arturo Correa, Beverly Floyd, Fethi Meghelli and Ricardo Milla.

Arturo Correa usually creates big canvases filled with brazen colors and brush strokes depicting iconographic figures from the legends of his native Venezuela. For this exhibition Correa has created a series of smaller visions of carousel horses on paper. His avant garde style remains distinctly compelling in these powerful renderings of usually whimsical figures. Correa received his BFA from The University of Central Florida and his master’s degree in painting from New York University. He is represented by the Virginia Miller Galleries in Coral Gables, Florida and has had numerous exhibitions in Venezuela and abroad. He was recently chosen to represent the city of Valencia in the Third International Art Festival.

Beverly Floyd, a resident of Moodus, CT, describes her work as “both anthropomorphic and autobiographical”. Her paintings refer to her own journeys as well as to the natural world through which she moves. Floyd has always used natural materials in her paintings; materials like wood, beeswax, tea and coffee stains. For several years she has been intrigued with the behavior of birds and has incorporated them in her paintings in often startling ways. Having recently completed the Master Gardener program, she has begun to encompass broader ecosystems into her delicate, sometimes mysterious, works.

Fethi Meghelli was born in Algeria where he received his BA from the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts. He traveled to Paris for his MFA, which he received from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, and finally arrived in New Haven, CT in 1974. His prints and canvases are filled with the stories and images of the traveler and the immigrant. He uses the human figure set in the imagery of his childhood memories, political movements and social contradictions to impart his personal vision of life’s dreams and realities. Meghelli’s visions “create a universe both known and unknown, a surreal dreamscape of blocky archetypes who pull paper boats, manipulate marionettes and embrace the chaotic cacophony of a decidedly exotic world.”

Ricardo Milla was born in Mexico City in 1974. He has worked in the mediums of photography and film, though he has also studied art history, psychology and sociology and this diverse background informs all of his artistic endeavors. Many of the photographs appearing in Dreams and Realities were part of a large exhibition entitled “Sensacional! Mexican Street Graphics”, “a compendium of images from Mexico’s small towns, roadsides and cities as well as printed material such as flyers, labels and comic books”. Those images focus on street graphics of beauty parlor advertisements. His most recent photographs still focus on this form of graphic advertisement, but have branched out into other messages. Milla will be in New London, CT as a visiting artist at the Griffis Art Center until Mid-March.

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