Can You Bare It?

July 14 – August 11

A nude body is one that calls for no clothing; a naked body is a clothed body temporarily stripped of its clothing.

The Alva Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of “Can You Bare It?”, a group show, in a variety of mediums, centered on the theme of the nude body. The show will open with a reception on Friday, July 13 from 5 to 7pm and will run until August 11.

There are three black and white photographers in “Can You Bare It?”; Simon Chaput from New York, Roger Crossgrove from Storrs and Judith Gummerus from Pawcatuck. Chaput has taken the female form and laid it lengthwise and lit it to form a fine white outline. The result does not at first read as a figure, but rather as a fascinating form of abstracted landscape. Crossgrove’s nudes are all male and often are incorporated into classical religious contexts, such as the Pieta or the life of Saint Sebastian or inserted into carefully constructed still lives. Gummerus, a biochemist who works for Pfizer, has worked with her own body in a series of intimate personal portraits. Her body is seen through layers which “attempt to work through the diaphanous veil of self doubt and fear…. exposing myself as vulnerable”.

Christian Brechneff and Barbara Eckhardt are showing works done in oils. Christian uses the back of a male torso, twisting in pale yellow. The series of three large canvases are both subtle and arresting. Barbara presents a series of self-portraits set, Matisse-like, within the comfort of her home. They offer honest and unselfconscious of one woman’s ease with the process of aging.

There is nothing flashy or celluloid about the six pastels that former filmmaker Tim Lovejoy has produced for this exhibition. His male torsos are simultaneously deeply defined and sensuously soft due to Lovejoy’s deftness with both color and the medium that he uses. Ella Tulin’s work, on the other hand, is strong, sassy and full of humor. As the only sculptor in the show, she is not reserved in her representations of both the male and female figure and the postures that they might assume in the course of their daily lives.

Christian Brechneff   |   David Brown   |   Simon Chaput    |   Barbara Eckhardt   |   Judith Gummerus
Tim Lovejoy   |   Ella Tulin