Art Lovers: Sean and Karen Kernan, Christian Brechneff and Tim Lovejoy, Luke Gray and Dorke Poelz

January 28 – March 10

Artists are reputed to be a moody lot. They can be insecure about the quality of their work and obsessed with creating it. They can be elated when it goes well and despondent when it does not. One would imagine that it would take a steady and solid and supportive partner to put up with an artist. However, what happens when both members of the partnership are artists?

How closely related can the work be and how disparate?. Art Lovers will present the artwork of Christian Brechneff and Tim Lovejoy, Luke Gray and Dorke Poelz and Sean and Karen Kernan.

World travelers as well as art lovers, Christian Brechneff and Tim Lovejoy will show works created while they were on site in Cuba, Sri Lanka, Mexico, South Africa, St. Maarten, India and Italy. Lovejoy works primarily in oil on board while Brechneff creates works on paper of gouache and watercolor.

Luke Gray and Dorke Poelz will share their new paintings and camera-less photographs, respectively.

Sean Kernan, a world-renowned photographer, brings black and white silver gelatin prints to Alva Gallery, while paintings by his wife Karen round out the third “art partnership.”

VIEW ARTISTS:   Dorke Poelz & Luke Gray   |   Sean & Karen Kernan