A Perspective by Peter Harron

November 30 – December 23

The Alva Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of A Perspective, a solo exhibition by Bermuda-born photographer Peter Harron, on Saturday, October 26th with a reception from 5 to 8pm.

While Harron’s photography, mainly black-and-white landscapes, seem lush and impressionistic from a conceptual point of view, the artist actually prefers to “keep things sufficiently abstract so viewers can make up their own minds…to let the subject dictate the image” in his work. The nature of his photography is much like the philosophy of his art: “Black and white photography allows one to see what one normally would not, the mystical, the spiritual and the romantic, but it is the light of nature’s changing seasons that dictates one’s impressions”, he says.

In the aftermath of 9/11, Harron, a former resident of Manhattan, was compelled to make numerous visits to ground zero in order to document the destruction of the buildings whose construction he had photographed. Since the beginning of 2002, however, Harron has turned his eye back to the natural world. While some of his new work still reflects his connection to the water and landscape of the area, he has also developed a new fascination- flowers. He shoots them in extreme close ups which evoke an intense sense of wonder and sensuality.

Apart from being a still photographer, Harron’s talents range from cameraman to producer of plays and feature and documentary films to director. Harron has produced plays in Bermuda and New York, was the cameraman and director of photography in the documentary “Raoni” with Marlon Brando, which was nominated for an Academy Award, and was the director for two television series, “Nightflight” and “1990”. His photography of musicians earned him a Grammy for “Best Album Cover of the Year” for Greg Allman’s “Laid Back”.

A Perspective will be on view during regular gallery hours, Tuesday through Saturday, 11-5pm through November 23rd. ALVA Gallery is located at 54 State Street, New London. For further information or images, call 860-437-8664 or visit

Selden Creek, Hadlyme, CT

Hamburg Cove, CT

Gibb’s Hill, Bermuda

Goldfish Pond, Newport, RI


Mohegan Bluffs, Block Island


Fair Winds To Block Island

Goat’s Beard


Screen Door with Window, Bermuda





Dickie Betts

Empire Diner, NYC


Morning Glories






Morning Glory


Knott Island, CT River


Lieutenant River, Old Lyme, CT


Tropical Garden, Bermuda


The Palms, Bermuda


Water Lilies


Water Lily Pad

Passion Flower




Window To Lord’s Cove, CT


Pont des Millandes


Casa Blanca Lily #1


Casa Blanca Lily #2

Amerigo Vespucci, 2000, Photograph – silver gelatin print, 21 x 28, $1200

Elcano and Libertad, 2000, Photograph – silver gelatin print, 23 x 24, $1200


Juan Sebastian de Elcano and Liberatd, 2000, Photograph – silver gelatin print, 21 x 26, $1200

 Palms with Masts, 2000 Photograph – silver gelatin print, 21 x 26, $1200

Mir and Mlodziezy, 2000 Photograph – silver gelatin print, 21 x 28, $1200

 Rigging, 2000, Photograph – silver gelatin print, 24 x 28, $1200

Life Boats, 2000, Photograph – silver gelatin print, 20 x 27, $1200

 Connecticut River Museum

Essex Harbor




Two Skiffs; Dordogne River, France


Dunne House


Cormorant Cove, Block Island


Windmill, Foxboro Point, Essex


Saint Cirque La Polie, Lot Valley, France


Great Heron


Great Heron II


Lilly Pond, Essex, CT


Winter Netting, Hadlyme